Short-term micro-loans, which are mainly provided via SMS or the Internet. Many customers are grateful for the speed with which such credit is provided. In general, online calculations do not exceed the time limit of a few minutes, money is most commonly available on the same day. On the other hand, it is a relatively expensive loan in terms of interest rates, which is actually very high, although the depreciation plan is usually quite short. But it serves to quickly overcome the financial problem, whether you live alone or need to solve economic difficulties within the family budget. Learn more here.

Indeed, it is a big hit of modern times

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Here are a few benefits, not only for new customers, but especially for those who are more stable, who will surely appreciate interesting loyalty discounts. So what bonuses can be mentioned here?

Ask online is very simple, write a few dates in a short contact form and half the administration around the loan is actually at this point already for you. Great, right?

SMS credit is absolutely nothing, there is no reason for applicants to write that they want a smaller amount to actually borrow. Admit it, is this step completely unnecessary?

There are providers who are not in case of application for SMS credit show a stable income as well as you will not test in the register of borrowers.

Availability of credit-maximum

Availability of credit-maximum

You always have an accurate overview of how much you actually pay. Principal plus interest, no extra charges, it’s just a legacy these days. Transparent conditions that will never change!

A big bonus is also the possibility of extending the deadline, all for a modest fee. You do not have to worry about not meeting the original deadline, there is a problem, just agree actively and everything will be fine. However, if you exceed this extended period, the delay charges will be very high. Therefore, you must carefully consider whether you have a loan to repay. This is also true for smaller loans, which are often in the form of a single SMS message, and also for consumer loans of tens or even hundreds of thousands of crowns.

How much can you borrow?

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Fast SMS providers have an interesting bonus prepared for new customers, but there are also some limitations. A beginner can issue a first loan free of charge if there is a fine, his payment history, interest, which he then gallantly forgives. For new customers, however, a large amount is not ready, maximum-about several thousand crowns. After the first loan in order to repay, the ceiling usually increases – with most companies that provide a quick SMS loan, as usual, the limit of ten thousand crowns, in some cases you get something that is a little higher amount of money.

It also doesn’t matter what your social status, your job, or where your permanent address is. Non-bank SMS loans guarantee clear and understandable conditions for everyone, usually under such conditions there are so few that practically everyone can get into them. Theoretically, all applicants over eighteen years of age who can prove regular income (but this does not always and everywhere, this document, as usual, is not required as usual) and the permanent address in the Czech Republic can borrow theoretically.

The higher percentage is usually a disadvantage, remember that you pay the need for a week or a month. In this case, the amount to which the initial principal of the loan will be increased will not be dizzying. Most often it will be an amount in a few centuries, which is in principle exempt from tax for getting money really lightning speed and without unnecessary questions or other formalities.