Here is a typical scenario: you go to the ATM to get some cash to pay for your groceries, but to your surprise, your bank account has been frozen and you can not complete your withdrawal. Panic sets in. How are you going to pay for groceries, gas and other basic needs? Rest assured , there are solutions to lift the freeze code from your bank account.

Who can freeze your bank account?


The first thing to do is to determine who has applied a freeze code to your bank account. It may be your financial institution or another creditor to whom you owe money. If you have tax debts, it is often Good Finance for reasons that we will explain below.

In the vast majority of cases, the creditor in question will not have given you a warning that he is trying to freeze your bank account. You will not be warned to prevent you from rushing to your bank to withdraw your money. It’s annoying, but logical.

Your financial institution


If you owe money to your bank, especially if you have credit card debt, it is possible that it is behind the freeze code on your account. In the fine print of several credit card agreements, it is explained that the bank may freeze your account and enter money directly if you are late on your minimum payments.

Good Lender and Good Finance

If you have tax debts with Good Lender or Good Finance, it is quite possible that your bank account will be frozen accordingly. Both income agencies are regularly behind such foreclosures because, unlike other creditors, they do not need court judgment to freeze your bank account. A simple letter to your financial institution is sufficient.

From experience, Good Lender and Good Finance will only freeze your bank account if you do not cooperate (if you do not respond to their letters). They use this means to give you an ultimatum and force you to communicate with them.

Any other creditor

Any of your creditors with payment arrears may try to get a judgment against you in court and then use that same judgment to have your bank account seized. This is not a simple or common procedure, but it can happen if the creditor has made many attempts to recover without success.

What to do if your bank account has been frozen?


The first step is to immediately open a new bank account in another institution. You should not choose a bank to which you owe money for obvious reasons. It is also good to remember that a bank can not refuse you the opening of a bank account.

Then, once the new account is open, make sure your payroll and any other automatic deposit is made to this account (not the old frozen account). You will have to act quickly again because these changes may take a few days to take effect.

Now that you have regularized your situation and are able to do your grocery shopping, it is important to find a permanent solution to the problem.

Make a payment agreement

Make a payment agreement

Most creditors will agree to remove the freeze code from your bank account if you contact them and sign a payment agreement. Most of the time, the freezing of the bank account is used to react and open discussions.

Good Lender and Good Finance are particularly willing to make payment arrangements that will allow you to pay a reasonable monthly fee.

Submit a consumer proposal

A consumer proposal is a legal procedure for entering into a repayment agreement with its creditors. The consumer proposal offers a wide range of legal protections including the lifting of seizures (seizure of bank accounts and seizure of wages) as soon as it is filed. You will also be protected against future seizure.

By filing a consumer proposal, you can significantly reduce the total amount of your debts and spread your payments over a period of up to 5 years, without interest.

Only a licensed insolvency trustee such as J. Alfred Prufrock & Associates may file and administer a consumer proposal. If your situation is urgent, we can meet you quickly and without charge in one of our multiple offices in Quebec within less than 48 hours.

Declare bankruptcy

Of course, personal bankruptcy is a last resort that must be considered only after all other options have been studied.

However, for many people (more than 24,000 in Quebec in 2016), this is the right solution to make a fresh start, free of debt. Bankruptcy is a right and remedy that you can use to protect yourself from your creditors.

By filing for bankruptcy, the seizures against you will be suspended and your bank will be released. Your creditors will also stop harassing you and will only need to contact your trustee from now on. You can finally find peace of mind.